An ideal environment for companies to advertise their products. For this to work, your pages should be optimized and designed appropriately. Designs are translated and edited with HTML. After the appropriate software has been created, you can go into detail. The core task of a developer is the presentation of a website for internet browsers, implementation of the layout and, increasingly, client-side programming. For this, the description language HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the style sheet language CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and the programming language JavaScript are usually used. Basically you work in the frontend area with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The end in the frontend can never be reached because there is always something to optimizeto follow new trends and and and … screens in different sizes to choose. Developers must be able to cope with the different requirements and master programming for each of these screen sizes with challenges such as different pixel densities. Daily new releases such as frameworks, libraries, plug-ins and Co. strain the developers even more.