What is usability?

The term usability comes from English and is derived from the words “use” and “ability”, which can translate usability, usability, user experience or user experience into German. However, the English term has prevailed. Usability is important for everyone Products with an interface between man and technology or machine.

What is user experience?

User Experience extends the term usability by external and emotional factors such as an attractive design or fun of use (joy of use). It includes the entire user experience that you get when using a product. The users should not only get to their destination quickly and smoothly, but also experience positive feelings such as joy when using it. In our projects, we always ensure that the user experience is always guaranteed and that every customer gets the best for themselves and their customers – and that when optimizing existing products or user-centered new development of interactive systems.

How do we achieve a good usability & user experience?

Planning & Analysis → Concept & Design → Implementation & Quality Assurance → Operation & Development Planning & Analysis: The customer is king – it is not called for nothing. We actively involve the customer in all phases of development and take all needs and wishes into account. In a consultation, we provide all the necessary and possible requirements and expectations for a good usability and user experience, the customer then has the choice of what is relevant for him and what is used. Concept & design: Based on customer requests, we create a concept at the beginning, which is then implemented after a further discussion with the customer. Implementation & quality assurance: Implementation takes place as quickly as possible so that the customer can continue working as usual.Every step is tested using a test system before the shop or website goes online. Operation & further development: We support you in the revision or redesign and design interaction. This saves you from expensive undesirable developments. Of course, users experience has to be worked on from time to time, as trends change quickly. We take care of that too and are always there for you.