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Choosing a modular system might seem quick and easy, but it often falls short of delivering a standout, flexible shop that matches your corporate design. These systems typically produce generic results with uninspired colors and layouts that blend into the competition. Your shop needs to stand out to attract and retain customers.

Unfortunately, with modular systems, implementing your creative ideas can be challenging, even if you have some HTML knowledge, leading to inevitable frustration. A shop must resonate with your target audience to be successful, and only with expert help can you ensure that.


At Alfa Software, we believe in combining professional design with extensive expertise to create online shops that not only look great but also perform exceptionally. Our team is passionate about delivering tailored solutions that reflect your unique brand and engage your target market effectively.

Optimize work processes with the ERP connection


When developing online shops, it is important to us not to lose sight of the ERP connection. The connection enables you to bring your ERP systems directly together with the online shop. This gives you the option of transferring the item data from the ERP system to the shop. This applies not only to texts, but also to prices, images and stocks.

This is an effort that would be quite high without a connection. Imagine that you would have to enter all of this data manually. This is possible, but it not only costs a lot of time, but also a lot of nerves. Of course, texts and pictures are not already available in every system. Again, it is important that you work professionally. Do not just copy the manufacturer’s texts if you sell goods from other manufacturers. This is bad for your ranking because the search engines attach great importance to unique content. Especially if you have already created texts and inserted pictures yourself, it is particularly important to be able to take them over with you.

Are you still missing the product texts for your goods? That is also no problem. In addition to the online shop development, we are a reliable contact for the content in your shop. Just talk to us here.

The ERP system connection is an important part of an online shop. If you now choose a modular system, you will rarely – usually not at all – get this option to create a connection. If your shop is still small and the offer is clear, you may not need it. But you would like to grow and of course the amount of your articles should increase.

Through the ERP connectors but you have to be able to pass on the advantage of the customer data and orders made directly to your ERP system. This means there are no idle times, customer inquiries are dealt with quickly and you can look forward to satisfied customers.

We develop an interface for you, with which the data exchange between online shop and inventory management can be created. In addition, we take care of the commissioning, check the functionality and are always available for questions. So you don’t have to worry about the connection, you can use it directly.


Professional Online Shop Development


Pre-fabricated systems offer limited customization, resulting in a disjointed user experience. These systems provide basic building blocks that do not interlock seamlessly, leading to a website that feels more like a collection of parts rather than a cohesive whole. Our custom solutions are different. We ensure that every aspect of your online shop is designed to work together harmoniously, providing a professional and engaging experience for your customers.


Individual solutions for you


In order to run a successful online shop, you shouldn’t settle for what’s available on the market. Individual solutions tailored to your specific needs are always the better choice. Our experts leverage their extensive knowledge and skills to develop your online shop quickly and effectively, ensuring a unique, successful online presence. From the initial concept to the final implementation, we work closely with you to ensure your vision is realized.

At Alfa Software, we don’t just create online shops; we build platforms that drive business growth and customer satisfaction. Let us help you transform your ideas into a thriving online business. For more information or to get started on your project, contact us today!