Backend developer


The backend developer is closer to the system and therefore responsible for everything that happens “in” the page. The primary focus is on the theory and concepts of relational databases. Understanding the HTTP protocol and the REST principle is the key point of every backend developer. Server-side frameworks are e.g. Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Zend Framework, Spring and server-side programming languages: e.g. Ruby, PHP, Java, C #, server-side JavaScript like Node.js.

The backend is about developing and securing an IT system. Within an IT architecture, the backend describes the application in the background, i.e. data processing. It consists of databases, connections and integrations from external systems. Not only the appearance, as already mentioned before, plays a role, but also the technical framework. The backend is extremely important in any large application that manages data and maps business processes. Our backend are customized for each customer. A backend takes on various tasks, most of which relate to data storage or data output. The term backend is used in connection with client-server or database applications, for background web applications include C ++, C #, Java and especially PHP.Core tasks in the backend are needs analysis, conception, development, implementation and maintenance of the backend. In addition, there are the installation of additional elements and features