Create website


In principle, you cannot say how long a website takes or that there is always the same amount of effort behind each website. Because each page is individual and contains different methods and measures. It always depends on how extensive a project is. At the beginning there is always a non-binding and free discussion, in which the scope, the services, the schedule and the budget are discussed. Then an estimate is made. If the customer chooses the offer, an order confirmation including general terms and conditions will be sent to him.

  • Who should be reached with the website?
  • What should the basic effect of the website be?
  • What is being redesigned and what is being taken over?
  • How will success be measured later?

Conduct research and market analysis

After details have been discussed, the objectives are formulated and a thorough research is carried out. It is not only about relevant information about the website, but also about your industry, because we want to offer you the best possible. There are many website analysis tools for this. But information about your customers is also important to us because you want to address them.

Develop an online strategy

Every project is rethought and an individual online strategy is applied. On the one hand, this includes social media marketing, but also SEO and SEA campaigns to increase and improve the findability of your website on search engines. It is all about the cost-benefit ratio, which is the most efficient way to achieve defined goals.

Define requirements

After creating the concept, the requirements can be defined. On the one hand, there are requirements for the content of the website, i.e. how much content a website needs, does the content already exist or does it have to be rewritten. On the other hand, there are requirements for the design of the website. The target group must also be defined and addressed. Our goal is to adapt the website’s application systems as well as possible and to generate a high level of usability.

create a concept

The implementation of the project starts in this area.

Start the test phase

The penultimate step is the test phase. Here you can check whether usability is guaranteed. We use various analysis methods for this.

Create content and market it effectively

The aim of the website concept is to create the final website and the content. Because high-quality content has been proven to have positive effects on the placement of a website in the Google ranking. And so this step is essential for a successful online concept. You should always agree fixed prices for development with web agencies. To do this, the services must be described accordingly. Additional effort is charged separately. If you make an inquiry, ask that the services not included should also be described.

Scope of services for website development

Here is a brief overview of the services that result from the development of a website:
  • Development & setting up the website on the server
  • Set up the necessary email addresses
  • Database design if databases are used
  • Programming of the pages based on the design draft
  • Postprocessing and inserting pictures, videos etc.
  • Programming the navigation – static or dynamic
  • Linking of texts and pages to each other
  • Development of protected access for administration or for registered customers
  • Development of administrative programs
  • Development of texts that are important for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Optimization of the pages for search engines (SEO), adjustment of meta tags
  • Set up necessary tools on the server, if they are used by the website
  • Full website development testing
  • Acceptance by the customer and activation for the public
  • Installation of required components such as visitor statistics
  • Registration of the website with Google and other search engines