Always up-to-date

A well-known problem is to keep the overview if you sell through multiple channels: You have your own web shop, but of course you also sell on Ebay or Amazon – and everywhere the available quantities must be up-to-date, reordered if there is a shortage of goods and all invoices regularly be paid and shipped.

There is a simple solution for this – interfaces . All processes are simplified with one interface and prices and stocks on all connected shop systems, for example, always remain up-to-date.

Wouldn’t it be nice that one-off products simply appear everywhere?

Do not laboriously type in all information several times, but only once – and it will appear on your web shop, on eBay, on Amazon and co. We take over the connection to internal systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM systems, as well as interfaces to content, payment and SaaS connections. There are many options for interface connections, e.g. JTL – Amazon / Ebay or PrestaShop – Amazon / Ebay. Learn more about it.

Our interface makes it possible!

You save time and nerves if you only enter all information once via our interface and then make it available on your desired platforms. You specify a total number of available products and if you have sold a piece on Ebay, the reduced quantity is also available in the other shops.