The Agency-it internet agency offers you as an IT service provider all-in-one solutions for your company. Nowadays, digitization plays an immense role. We offer various IT services, such as:
  • Server hosting
  • IT maintenance
  • Online marketing & strategies
  • Web development
  • Telephone system setup
  • ERP system

Our focus is on the all-in-one solution in the field of e-commerce. We take care that your company can work more efficiently with the help of automation and optimization and that orders, invoices, etc. can be automatically processed and sent using an ERP system. Technological progress is progressing and if you don’t upgrade in time, you will have problems keeping up with the other companies.

For this reason, we offer IT services such as server hosting. With this type of hosting, you can run your ERP system on a server and thus protect your system against technical failures or malfunctions. The TecSee Internet agency as an IT service provider ensures that your server runs without problems and that you can take care of the marketing of your online shop. Because the development and implementation of marketing strategies has a high priority. Without clever marketing, your company and your online shop will not be found and you will not be able to generate new customers. As an IT service provider, we support you with SEO marketing and help you create marketing campaigns.

IT service provider – EDP maintenance

EDP ​​maintenance is the maintenance of servers, PCs and more. The Agency-it Internet agency ensures that your servers always remain functional and take care of them if a problem should arise. For this reason, IT maintenance is part of our IT service.

IT service provider – web development

In the area of ​​web development, we take care of the look of your online shop or website. We ensure an attractive template that matches your customer base and attracts new potential customers. As an IT service provider, we have competent developers who create individually requested templates.