Ebay SEO

Ebay is an American company, which is the world’s largest and most successful auction house for internet auctions in the bidding process and internet sales. It operates the largest online marketplace worldwide. Both private individuals can sell their products, as can retailers. However, there are a few things to consider when creating an offer in order to be really successful. To be successful on Ebay means that the products can be found quickly and easily by interested parties. But what needs to be considered in order for that to be possible? First of all, it is important to have a professional and suitable template. Because with good looks you convince potential customers to stay on your side. Often you have little time to convince your customers because the first impression counts. An interesting template remains in your mind and tempts your visitors to come back to your page. Images also belong in this category. The more professional the pictures are, the more professional your products look like your company or you. But as you say so beautiful, good looks are not everything! Of course, the eBay sales page should look good, but the content must also fit and meet the requirements. The content starts with the headline. The headline is the most important in this sense, since the keywords are also there. Ie someone is looking for tires and your heading contains tires, then you have chances of being found. The heading must be clearly defined and contain all important data. Add English words and be reachable and findable worldwide. You need to know exactly what your target group is and what it is looking for. So do not write anything down arbitrarily, but think about what is actually relevant – and use the entire space. All article characteristics should also be available. The more information about your product is on the net, the higher the chance that seekers will find you. Also add the manufacturer name, manufacturer number etc.

SEO – search engine optimization or engl. Search Engine Optimization Amazon


SEO is part of online marketing and describes measures that serve to ensure that websites in search engine rankings appear in the unpaid search results in higher and therefore easier to find places. Placing images, videos and other content on your own page can increase the reach of search engines.

When searching in search engines, search terms (keywords) are entered, which then lead to a suitable page. The more relevant the keywords, the more likely your page will appear. This way, your page can be found faster and more easily by prospects or potential customers!